Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This is the professional "home" away from home of Beverly Jackson. Welcome, and hope you'll make yourself comfortable, feel welcome to peruse the files (see links above) and leave comments or questions, should they arise.

This website has evolved out of the Loose Fish blog which is not a dedicated author's website, but a general blog that includes recipes, gossip and nonsense. You can find it at THE LOOSE FISH
It gets its name from the memoir but more from the fact that I consider myself a "loose fish" in the ocean of life. It's a Moby Dick reference to being a whale who is "loose" and doesn't belong to any pursuing ships. A fast fish has a harpoon in it. Not me.



I have just finished a Suspense novel set in a former logging village in the Pacific Northwest,(named Blue Lake) and I am querying agents at the moment. So I shall be tracking progress and the project through the process here.


My other book, a personal memoir entitled "Loose Fish" is also seeking representation, but is being rewritten soon to a novel format, for commercial consideration.