Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Home of Our Own (Writer's Group)

The Writer's Group discovered a little library nestled in the back of the Club House where we had been meeting (but were frequently interrupted by visitors and residents ambling in and out). It is so nice to have the privacy and "book-ness" of this cozy room.

Doug Williams
Cary Barbour and Michelle Caffrey
Cary, Michelle and Bev Jackson
Glenn Miller
Doug & Glenn

We are missing Bob Erickson, our sixth member who is globe trotting (Canada, Arizona) at the moment, but we hope to see him soon!


Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Flash in Jellyfish Review (Memoir CNF excerpt)

Editor Christopher James says: "Beverly A. Jackson wrote our first ever piece (Pushcart-nominated, by the way), and set the bar so high for all who've since come, so we love her! It was a great moment, therefore, to read her story Dusty Hoffman Isn't Greek. A cool glimpse at Dustin (and Beverly!) from way back when."