Memoir "Loose Fish"

 -  if you're not familiar with my book,(Loose Fish )  you may wonder what the title of this memoir is about.   It's old whaling jargon, a fast fish likely has a harpoon in its side, "dibs" while a loose fish is just up for grabs.   As Meliville puts it: 

Artwork by Neely

      1.               A fast fish belongs to the party fast to it.  (nearest to it)
     2.                A loose fish is fair game for anybody who can soonest catch it.

"...these two laws touching Fast Fish and Loose-Fish will.on reflection be found in the fundamentals of all human jurisprudence . . . what are the Rights of Man and the Liberties of the World but Loose-Fish?  What are all men's minds and opinions but Loose-Fish?  What is the great globe itself but a Loose-Fish?  And what are you, reader, but a Loose-Fish and a Fast-Fish too?"

                                Moby Dick
                            Herman Melville



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