Publishing Credits

RATTLE, Summer 1998, Issue #9 "Feeding Frenzy", "Pushing The Envelope" (two poems)

SATURDAY AFTERNOON JOURNAL (Annual) 1998, SIN #14 "For Remembrance" (poem)

THE EVER DANCING MUSE, September 1998, #9 "Firethorn Core" (poem)

CHIRON REVIEW,Winter 1998, Issue #56 "Page Five Column One" (poem)

SPILLWAY, Fall/Winter 1998, Number #8, "Old Time Religion","Moon Mad" (two poems)

RATTLE, Winter 1998, Issue #10 "48 Questions by Richard Jones & Mifanwy Kaiser" (book review)

THE LUCID STONE, Winter 1998, Issue #16 "Hold 'Em Table" (poem)

RATTLE, Summer, 1999, Issue #11 "As The Crow Flies" (poem)

NIGHT TRAIN, Fall, 2002, #1 "The Goddess" (flash fiction)

RE)VERB, Summer, 2003, #2 "Elephant Walk," "The Son of Madame Duvall," and "Sunday Morning" (3 poems)

NEO, September 2003, issue #3"Bermuda Triangle"(short story)

RIVEN 2003 "In The Garden of Double Begonias" (poem)

LIGHT ON THE WATER (Chapbook by Parker Press & 2003 Event by Williamette Photography Guild) December 2003"River Poem"(poem)

BUZZWORDS - (UK) January 2004"Jamie & the Rooster Lollipop"(memoir)

NORTH COUNTY TIMES (Books Section) July 25, 2004"The Greenhouse" (flash fiction)

SMOKELONG ANNUAL (Anthology) 2004"Trip to the Grocers" (& interview) (flash fiction)

FLASH WRITING(a book on flash fiction )November, 2004"The Dead" (Reprinted as a sample story) (flash fiction)

BONFIRE January 2005"11:26 Norwegian Strawberries" (short story)

BEST AMERICAN FLASH FICTION IN THE 21ST CENTURY - ANTHOLOGY 2006 (a book on flash fiction ) "The Dead" (To be distributed in China)(flash fiction)

SHIMMER Summer, 2006 "A Fish Tale" (flash fiction/prose poem)

GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine) Issue 0 -2006 "Fade In Fade Out" (poem)

WHIM'S PLACE ANTHOLOGY "On A Whim" -2007 "The Encounter flash fiction (1st prize winner -4th Qtr - 2004)

YOU HAVE TIME FOR THIS (Anthology of Flash Fiction) 2008 "The Dead" flash fiction (from Vestal Review)

GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine) Issue 3- 2008 "The Yellow Warbler of Poetry" (poem)

OPIUM MAGAZINE July 2009 acceptance "A Room Not Her Own" (flash fiction)

PUDDING MAGAZINE, the journal of applied poetry 2010 "Elegy to A Granny Gown" (reprint)(poem)


WSKG.ORG - OFF THE PAGE with Vestal Review -November 16, 2004- "The Dead" -(flash fiction)


EVERY BURNING THING - Pudding House Press 2008


A LITTLE POETRY, November 1998 Musing Marvel of the Month,( SCROLL DOWN 5 poems) "Geranium" (poem)

ZOETROPES ALL STORY EXTRA, March 2000 Issue #20 "In The Lion Zone"
(short story)

MINDKITES, June 2000 (now defunct) "Don't Mess With Billy Longears" (short story)

IGUANALAND, June 1, 2001 "Army Brat," "Lapis Lazuli," "The Manicure," "In Want of Weavers," "Tooth & Bone." (five poems)

2001 Vol. I, Issue VIII "Public Television" (poem)

IN POSSE REVIEW September 2001 - Attack On America Archives - "Hands" (poem)

THE PHONE-BOOK.COM, June 2002 - "The Bathroom" - (flash)

PINDELDYBOZ November 5, 2001 Issue "Tortilla Flats" (poem)

LITERARY POTPOURRI December 2001 Issue #1 "Don't Mean Nothing by Susan O'Neill"(book review)

'BODICE RIPPERS, February 2002 Issue (Not archived) "Honey" (poem)
HOMICIDAL BUTLERS,INC., May 2002 Issue (Not archived)"The Dream" (poem)
THE QUILT. December 2002 Issue "Bocelli At Yuletide" (poem)
PEANUT BUTTER FUGUE, January 2003 Issue "Family Values" (poem ) and "Cats"(flash)
SHIP OF FOOLS, April 2003 Issue "Hard News" (short story)
EVERGLADES BOY DOES FINE, May 2003 Issue "Lee Morgan Blues" (poem)
CONTINENTAL TRAILWAYS, June 2003 Issue "On The Road" (poem)
THE 2003 QUILT, December 2003 Issue "Final Strike" (flash fiction)

MELIC REVIEW Spring 2002 Vol IV, Issue #4 "Hearts On Wheels" "Tooth & Bone" (two poems)

INSOLENT RUDDER,April 2002 Editors Edition - "The Twins" (flash fiction)

PINDELDYBOZ Spring 2002 "Out of The Waters of Elizabeth Bishop" (poem)

THE DEAD MULE, September 2002 "Old Time Religion," (poem)

OUTSIDER INK, Fall 2002 "The Mud Hen" (flash fiction)

THE GOD PARTICLE, Issue #2 Feb. 2003"Insomnia" (poem)

PIG IRON MALT, Summer 2003 Issue "Out of the Waters of Elizabeth Bishop" and "On Being Published" (2 poems)

SMOKELONG QUARTERLY - Fall, 2003 "Trip to The Grocers" (flash fiction)

SMALL SPIRAL NOTEBOOK, Fall, 2003 "Another Day" (poem)

VESTAL REVIEW- December, 2003 "The Dead" (flash fiction) Third Place Contest Winner
NOMINATED FOR 2004 BASS (Best American Short Stories)

TATTOO HIGHWAY- January, 2004 "La Cucaracha" (flash fiction) First Place Contest Winner

"On Being Published"(reprint- poem)
"River Rush" (sestina) (poem) Interview with Patricia Gomes
SMOKELONG QUARTERLY Winter, 2004 "The Green Dress" (flash fiction)

WATCH THE EYE.COM, Winter, 2004 "The Fix" (poetry)

THE BEAT, Dec, 2004 "Silent Night" (flash fiction)

FLASH FICTION.NET, Dec, 2004 "The Dream" and "Penumbra" (two flash pieces put on coffee mugs )

WHIM'S PLACE, Jan, 2005 "The Encounter" (flash fiction) First Place Contest Winner-4th Qtr 2004

ABSINTHE LITERARY REVIEW, May, 2005 "The Day Room" (flash fiction) Eros & Thanatos issue

SMOKELONG QUARTERLY Winter, 2005 "Diagnosis" (flash fiction)

LAMOILLE-LAMENTATIONS, May 2006 "The Bracelets" (short story)

"The Nature of Transformation" (poem)
"Crash" (poem)
TATTOO HIGHWAY- 2006 "Remembering Harry" (flash fiction) Third Place Contest Winner

DAVID COYOTE'S DEN, June/July 2006 "Bermuda Triangle" (short story)

HISS QUARTERLY, November 2006 "She Did What She Could" (poem)

THE STORY GARDEN, #7 November 2006

"Te He Toro" (flash)
"Blue" (flash)
"February Comes Up Short and Sweet"(poem)
WORD RIOT February "Round Women" (poem)

CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN VOICES - February 2008 "Avian Flu," "Graceful Departures," and "Without Certainty" (three poems)

TOM'S VOICE, March 2008 "Someday Song of the Pubescent Server"(poem)

April 2008 "Buddha Gold" (flash)Eclectica is also using my collage by which three flashes (including mine) in this issue are prompted.

Summer Issue 2008 "Heavy Transport" (short story) Finalist in 2008 Per Contra Prize Contest

FRIGG -Fall Issue 2008
"To Be Water" (poem)
"I Am Moonlight Walking" (poem)
"Deconstruction" (poem)
"Penumbra" (poem)
"Night Train to Vancouver" (poem)

STYMIE MAGAZINE Summer 2009 "Tiger Woods" (poem)

LEFT HAND WAVING December 2009 "A Whiff of Nirvana"

WILDERNESS HOUSE LITERARY JOURNAL April 2010 "Last Communion" (flash fiction)

JOURNAL OF COMPRESSED CREATIVE ARTS Aug., 2011 "Mother-Port of Spain" (flash fiction)

PRIME NUMBER Issue 11 Jul-Sept 2011 "The Wing Shed" (Story #1 of memoir-in-stories "The Loose Fish Chronicles" - creative nonfiction)

FLASH FICTION CHRONICLES 11/11/11"Absent Presence"( flash fiction/prose poem) Finalist in Daylight Savings Flash Contest

WORDRUNNER ECHAPBOOK.COM 12/15/11 Winter Issue "Six Chapters of The Loose Fish Chronicles, a memoir in stories"</ > ( creative non fiction) Chapbook with hot links and photos

R.KV.R.Y.COM April 2012 "The Red Car" (poem)

PRESS 53 2012 CREATIVE NON FICTION CONTEST Finalist with memoir chapter titled "Swan Song" - June 2012

FLASH FICTION.NET  Oct. 2012 Analysis of "Buddha Gold" flash by Chelsea Covington Maass

THE LINNET'S WINGS Literary Journal Summer 2014
"Seasoned" (poem)
"Feeding Frenzy" (poem)
"River Poem" (poem)

THE JELLYFISH REVIEW Nov. 2015 "I Remember" (flash fiction)
2015 Pushcart Prize Nomination

THE JELLYFISH REVIEW Mar. 2016 "Dusty Hoffman Isn't Greek" (flash creative non-fiction)

THE JELLYFISH REVIEW Aug. 2016 "Kickin Bossa Nova" (flash fiction))

"133 Words I Lost in My Memoir" (micro flash fiction)

FRiGG LITERARY JOURNAL Winter 2016 "Flat on my Face" (flash fiction)

JELLYFISH REVIEW July 2017 "The Rapture" (flash fiction)

***Accepted for future publication

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