Sunday, February 3, 2019

LOOSE FISH (Volume 1) Released 12/24/17

Thrilled to announce that the first Volume of Loose Fish has been indy published on Amazon, and is available for purchase.  


Loose Fish by Beverly A. Jackson

In a series of connected stories, modeled on literary fiction, Loose Fish takes the reader through an unorthodox odyssey of an ex-military brat seeking ballast, with the loss of a war-hero father she can’t remember, and the burden of a hapless mother she wishes she could forget.

  • In Madrid, she spends a sexy teenage summer with Spanish bullfighters and has her own skirmish with a bull—kept secret from a tyrannical stepfather.

  • In Morocco, the family’s off-base home invasion by Arabs exposes a coward.

  • In Bermuda, her honeymoon is complicated by the paranormal “Bermuda Triangle” mystery and the story of a disappearing ship.

  • In New York, on the heels of a divorce, she has a romance with a struggling actor named Dustin Hoffman.--Her wannabe acting career culminates in dancing “the pony” on the Ed Sullivan Show in a Wayne & Schuster comedy skit.

  •  In Greenwich Village, the coming of age sexual escapades in 1960s saloon society as well as an assortment of other transformative experiences, and quirky characters bring her to life-changing decisions.

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